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Caterers Helping the Community Combat COVID-19

    COVID-19 was and continues to be especially challenging for the catering & events industry with lockdowns around the world forcing many caterers to make drastic changes to their operations in order to adapt to the new normal. Due to restrictions on the number of people that can gather indoors, many caterers have been …

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5 Tips for Your Catering Business Plan During COVID-19

5 Tips for Your Catering Business Plan During COVID-19 Are you a catering company feeling lost at sea during the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic? While some areas are seeing re-opening of events, there is still a lot of uncertainty for our beloved catering community to navigate through. We can’t predict when our “new normal” …

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This is What Happens When You Centralize Your Catering Costs

By Leor Bareli, Ubeya www.ubeya.com You’ve just closed an event. A fantastic event. The execution went smoothly, the presentation flawless, the venue left spotless and your staff have headed home. Now what’s left if for you is to calculate, review and organize how much you’ve spent and how much you’ve earned. This may sound like …

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Finding Staff & Staff-Pay Balance 101

By Clint Elkins, SB Value www.wegrowvalue.com In the catering industry, our expenditures tend to fall into two categories: tangible costs, like that of ingredients and kitchen equipment, and intangible costs, like transportation fees and staff pay. When you send employees to work an event, that cost is based on a number of factors, including their …

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Three Ways to Prevent Cash Flow Issues as a Caterer

Three Ways to Prevent Cash Flow Issues as a Caterer By, Michelle Loretta, Sage Wedding Pros The ebbs and flows of cash can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner. Also, for catering companies, it can seem like one month you’re flush, and the next you’re poor as a pauper. …

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