Catering Software Features

An all-in-one catering management solution

Unforgettable events start with flawless event management.

From an integrated calendar to seamless reports, our online catering software has you covered from the kitchen to the books. Every feature is inspired by hands-on experience and real feedback.

Manage All Payments with Ease

Enjoy a integrated credit part processer (with great rates!)

Set tasks

Never miss another to-do. Use tasks to remember it later.

As a caterer, you’re juggling a million details. Having a list of tasks you need to accomplish from inquiry to closing an event is invaluable. The handy dashboard gives you an overview of your most immediate tasks, so you can do what you love and let TPP manage the rest.

Track your communications

With our catering CRM tools.

Have you ever forgotten whether you sent a proposal or invoice to a client? With TPP catering CRM software, you can view past emails and store notes about conversations. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting the details again.

Access proposals and reports instantly.

Report and proposal templates for consistency as you build your brand.

TPP includes a collection of report templates for every facet of the business (such as food costing and profitability). Customize them to your brand and access them anywhere, anytime. Want to email or export a report on-the-fly? Not a problem.

Use online or on your phone.

Access your entire catering business anytime, anywhere.

Wherever the party – TPP is there, start to finish. Work wherever your business takes you.

Use TPP on your Mac or PC, in Chrome or in Safari. You can even access mobile features with our native iOS and Android apps.

Integrate with 3rd party apps

Extend TPP capabilities with 3rd party integrations.


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Where you need us, when you need us – TPP is a tap away.

From staff, to profit, to event execution, we have you covered. Every TPP feature is inspired by hands-on experience and honest feedback from our community.

“I would definitely recommend Total Party Planner to any catering company looking for an easy way to organize their business. The program is very user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing, and the customer service is efficient.”

Chef Mario Vena | Catering by Mario
Richmond Hill , Ontario

“Invest in the tools and resources that will let you get back to doing what you love. We did it old school for a long time, did things the hard way, but Total Party Planner is totally worth the price. We save at least 20 hours a month, and our production team is moving so much smoother. I would tell other caterers to get back to cooking and service. Don’t spend your time on administrative tasks, spend your time doing what you love!”

Amber Stewart | Chef Jeff Catering
Edina , Minnesota

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Unforgettable events start with flawless operations.

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