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Total Party Planner provides everything you need, all in one place. From staff, to profit, to execution, we have you covered. Simplify the buying process for clients and never forget the Sterno again with Total Party Planner.

Catering Software Designed By You, For You. 

From an integrated calendar to seamless reports, our online catering software has you covered from the kitchen to the books. And rest assured that your details will always be right where you left them.

With a collection of report templates for every facet of the business, you are bound to find the one you need. And if not, there’s a robust report utility, ready to pick up the slack. Want to email or export a report? Not a problem.

Have you ever forgotten whether you sent a proposal or invoice to a client? With Total Party Planner, you can view past emails and store notes about conversations so you never have to worry about forgetting the details again.

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Total Party Planner is the one of the best investments we've ever made and the service we receive is superb.

Amber Stewart, Chef Jeff Catering

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Total Party Planner was designed by caterers with a real understanding of your needs. John Cohen designed Total Party Planner to help his parent's catering company. What began as a gift to save his Mom and Dad some time quickly turned into an organizational and reporting tool that they couldn’t survive without.

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