What Our Clients Say

“The key is using a software to streamline operations.  We made the switch to Total Party Planner because it is much more user friendly. It makes us that much more profitable. Other caterers are taking a week or two to get the menu out or get the proposal out. By and large, our process is: after qualifying meeting, they leave with complete proposal (menu, linens, china, etc.). We couldn’t do this without the software.”

Greg Hicks | Impressions Catering
Cleveland , Tennessee

“It’s nice to feel like you can call and get a good, thoughtful, knowledgeable answer to your immediate question. They have also been interested in OUR processes and how they could make TPP work for us. Wow!!!”

Sherri Wicker | Gourmet Gals Catering & Events
Austin , Texas
Amie & Francisco Machado | 9 Catering Services
Emeryville , California
Reuben Bell and Fausto Pifferrer | Blue Elephant Events & Catering
Saco , Maine
Camille Brochu | Creative Hands Cuisine
Mesa , Arizona
Colbért Callen | Footers Catering
Denver , Colorado

“Total Party Planner catering software has improved our efficiency 10 fold. All of our information is in one place and the web version allows us to access that information from anywhere with an internet connection. Now I can even check our event calendar from my phone. We are able to be much more in depth in tracking our sales and profitability each month. I can’t imagine operating without TPP.” Check out MIBE and Footers Catering

Anthony Lambatos | Footers Catering
Denver , Colorado

“Total Party Planner catering software transformed our restaurant’s catering business into a major Raleigh caterer in its own right. TPP is definitely worth the investment. The web-based platform enables Irregardless Cafe & Catering’s sales staff to better serve our customers. It’s effective and is annually increasing our business.”

Arthur Gordon | Irregardless Catering
Raleigh , North Carolina

“TPP is a must. Running a catering business without catering software would be scary.”

Chris Holmes | The Clean Plate Club Inc.
Nashville , Tennessee

“I am not sure how other catering companies function without it! This catering software has saved our sanity!! :)”

Delaney Wray | Gourmet Gals Catering & Events
Austin , Texas

“I would definitely recommend Total Party Planner to any catering company looking for an easy way to organize their business. The program is very user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing, and the customer service is efficient.”

Chef Mario Vena | Catering by Mario
Richmond Hill , Ontario

“Invest in the tools and resources that will let you get back to doing what you love. We did it old school for a long time, did things the hard way, but Total Party Planner is totally worth the price. We save at least 20 hours a month, and our production team is moving so much smoother. I would tell other caterers to get back to cooking and service. Don’t spend your time on administrative tasks, spend your time doing what you love!”

Amber Stewart | Chef Jeff Catering
Edina , Minnesota

“Customer support is immediate and always finds the solution.”

Carl Clemetson | Hometown Elegance
Minot , North Dakota

“I have been using Total Party Planner for more than 15 years now. It saves me hundreds of hours a year in event preparation. Before I started using the program, I wrote up all my recipes and lists long hand. I always seemed to forget things like shopping list items and equipment for jobs. Now I am able to print reports that keep track of all the necessary details accurately. My favorite feature is the ability to quickly produce a proposal for a potential customer and email to them in a matter of minutes. They are impressed. The program adds new features all the time. The only thing I wish it could do is cook for me.”

Deane Young | Allez Catering
Manchester , Connecticut

“TPP catering software revolutionized how we create an event from start to end. Our 38 year old company would not be able to grow if we continued doing things ‘Old style.’”

Jodee Jugo | The New Albergus Catering
Quezon City , Philippines

“We started out as a small caterer/bakery and have grown into one of the largest high-end caterers in Las Vegas. TPP allows us to create proposals and invoices in a moment’s notice and still look professional and personal. It aids us in organization, efficiency, and accuracy to do our jobs correctly. It’s like having an assistant…Thanks TPP!”

Lauren Gilmore | Creative Catering
Las Vegas , Nevada

“I would point out that the thing that I like about TPP the most is the customer service and how easy it is to get someone to help you, so quick, not to mention friendly!!”

Michelle Johnson | Unique Dining Experiences
New York , New York

“Having been a client of a competitor software for the catering industry for the past 5 years, I can say this program has more functionality and much better customer service.”

Rhonda Sheppard | Waters Mill
Dahlonega , Georgia
Jennifer Rettew Bushey | Rettew's Catering
Lancaster , Pennsylvania
Erin Corriveau | Longitude Catering
West Springfield , Massachusetts
Johnny Graham | Revel Catering
Jefferson City , Missouri
Roxann Torelli | Gourmet Delights Catering
Hamilton , Massachusetts

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