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Finding Staff & Staff-Pay Balance 101

Guest Author | July 15, 2019

By Clint Elkins, SB Value In the catering industry, our expenditures tend to fall into two categories: tangible costs, like that of ingredients and kitchen equipment, and intangible costs, like transportation fees and staff pay. When you send employees to work an event, that cost is based on a number of factors, including their…

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Three Ways to Prevent Cash Flow Issues as a Caterer

Guest Author | June 11, 2019

Three Ways to Prevent Cash Flow Issues as a Caterer By, Michelle Loretta, Sage Wedding Pros The ebbs and flows of cash can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner. Also, for catering companies, it can seem like one month you’re flush, and the next you’re poor as a pauper….

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Layouts for Corporate Meetings

Guest Author | May 7, 2019

Layouts for Corporate Meetings By Sandy Hammer, AllSeated Planning a corporate meeting can seem easier than social functions, as the décor tends to be minimal and you generally only have to work with one space. However, corporate events carry their own set of guidelines to follow and it’s important to keep them in mind while…

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Covering Catering Costs without Sacrificing Quality

Guest Author | April 10, 2019

Covering Catering Costs Without Sacrificing Quality Clint Elkins, SB Value Something that all caterers have to be conscious of is keeping your food costs in check while ensuring that you’re operating above simply breaking even. It’s easy to think that you’ll cut costs here or there as you see fit, but you have to…

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Trending – Cocktail Receptions

Guest Author | February 14, 2019

By: Emily Sullivan, Emily Sullivan Events If you are yearning to turn the typical dinner reception into a unique and more active experience, try your hand at creating the perfect cocktail reception for your next event. With an emphasis on an energetic atmosphere and guest interaction, cocktail receptions are the perfect solution when clients are…

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Tips for Getting on (and Staying on!) the Coveted Vendor List

Guest Author | January 21, 2019

Tips for Getting on (and Staying on!) The Coveted Vendor List Kevin Dennis, WeddingIQ We all strive to be on a preferred vendor list and to have the status that comes along with it. Achieving a coveted spot could mean a spike in business, exclusivity with like-minded business pros, and an upper hand when…

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Common Misconceptions of Purchasing Food

Guest Author | January 3, 2019

Common Misconceptions of Purchasing Food Trip Wheeler, SB Value Now more than ever, we’re seeing a huge increase in food quality and education. The popularity of fresh, organic ingredients has hit its peak, and chefs are focusing on the blending of cultures when crafting menu items. Those little nuances are beginning to make a…

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Top Ways to Ensure 2019 is the Best Year Yet

Guest Author | December 12, 2018

Four Tips to Ensure 2019 is the Best Year Yet By Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting Another year has passed and it’s time for us event professionals to do some proactive work to prepare for 2019. Whether this year was one of feast or famine, the new year is always a great time to reassess your…

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Best Practices for Working with Photographers

Guest Author | November 27, 2018

By: Keith Phillips, Classic Photographers  As an industry pro, think about your process (creative or logistical) when it comes to working an event. Across the board, you and your team have your own strategy for setting up, executing your services, and closing up shop at the end of the night. Your process is different from…

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PR Tips & Tricks for Caterers

Guest Author | October 29, 2018

By Meghan Ely Let me guess: You’ve (understandably) found yourself too busy with client work to dedicate any time or effort to your public relations efforts. Public relations can seem like a time-consuming process that doesn’t answer to waiting clients. However, wedding PR can be the key to increased brand awareness, more revenue, and a…

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