Power Up Your Catering Marketing and Sales Team This Busy Season

Power Up Your Catering Marketing and Sales Team This Busy Season

The busy season is here with graduations and weddings abound! You may feel yourself scrambling to put together the perfect menu or to make sure that big event is staffed and ready to roll, but this doesn’t mean that your sales and marketing have to take a back seat for the next quarter. Rainmaker Sales & Marketing CEO and Founder, Margaret Brower, has been around the block. Today, she’s sharing a few of her favorite tips for keeping sales teams engaged and open-minded even during the busiest time of year for caterers. Here are Margaret’s three tips for turning your catering marketing and sales team into a powerhouse during the busy season: 

Emphasize Clear and Continuous Supportive Communication

During the busy season, clear communication becomes more crucial than ever. Brower makes it a priority to hold brief daily check-ins with her teams. This keeps everyone aligned and allows them to quickly address any issues before they escalate. If there is a problem, she wants the team to be involved in the solution.


“Tag me in” and “What do you need?” are two ready phrases in Brower’s lexicon. 


During peak times, it’s crucial not to manage from a distance. You need to be actively involved in the day-to-day activities. These meetings are not just for updates but provide a platform for team members to voice concerns and collaborate on solutions, ensuring individuals get the support they need to keep going.


Success Comes from Daily Efforts

The busy season’s success is often a result of the consistent, daily work put in by the team. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the large scope of work, Brower encourages the teams she coaches to focus on daily objectives. It is easy to neglect follow-ups in the busy season. If you want to have your next busy season, you need a strategy to climb the mountain. 

When a team member is overwhelmed, slim down the to-do list to no more than 5 items. When those are done, add 5 more.

This approach helps each catering marketing and sales team member concentrate on what can be achieved each day, ensuring that all tasks are manageable and morale stays high. By maintaining a steady pace and clear focus day by day, we build momentum that carries us through the entire season, turning daily efforts into seasonal success.


Foster a Culture of Wins and Rewards

Recognizing and rewarding hard work is vital, especially during the busiest times.

First, ask your staff how they prefer to be recognized and rewarded. This is your primary step to knowing what will motivate them when the pile of work is mounting.

Brower makes it a point to acknowledge individual and team successes regularly. Whether it’s a shout-out in a team meeting, a small reward, or a celebratory team dinner, recognizing efforts goes a long way in keeping morale high and fostering a productive, sales-oriented mindset.

Don’t be afraid to hit “All Staff” when sharing small and big wins. Shout these from the rooftops!

With these three tips in your arsenal, your sales and marketing teams will be ready to tackle the busy season head-on. 

Rainmaker Sales & Marketing specializes in marketing services for caterers and empowering event menu sales teams. For years, they have helped caterers of all sizes maximize their potential through empathetic sales techniques and interactive marketing solutions. If you are a catering professional looking to bolster your sales and marketing efforts, reach out to the team at Rainmaker to learn more!