Trends to Consider in Holiday Party Catering

We’ve seen many trends emerge this year in food and catering. Some of which have really shaken up the restaurant and catering industries. These trends will not be scarce this holiday season. The tried and true holiday party catering you are used to may be getting a bit of an update as we roll into party season. Make sure your holiday catering is a cut above the rest, check out a few of the seasonal food trends and party ideas we saw throughout 2014 that we are sure will be influencing this year’s holiday events.

Farm to Table
We’re sure you all have noticed the recent Farm to Table trend. People want to know where the food they’re eating, whether it be meats or veggies, is coming from. These local-vores are looking for the same information from their caterers. Just because there are cocktails involved doesn’t mean people care any less where their chicken came from and how it was treated. To keep with the times (and keep from being asked a hundred times during the event) let your guests know where items you are serving came from. Try using chalkboard signs on buffet tables to list the sources, or roll it into your servers’ description of each dish.

Craft Beer, Craft Cocktails, Craft Catering
Craft beverages, beer or cocktails, are a popular trend this year and the company holiday party will be no different. If you are a full service caterer that includes food and beverages, be sure to have a few local craft brewers on your list of options for guests. If you are not a liquor or beer licensed caterer, ask your guests what beverages they plan to serve during the event. Let them know that you’d like to serve dishes that complement the guests’ beverage choices and that you’d like to create a well-crafted catering menu (see what we did there?).

holiday punch

Image by Nealey Dozier via the kitchn

Ho Ho Holidays
We know, this isn’t necessarily a food trend but it is a business trend that will still be very present in this years’ events. Many companies have chosen to have holiday parties as opposed to Christmas parties, in an effort to make all employees feel comfortable and included. We suggest you follow suit, listing your availability for holiday parties. If you do have a specialty in a particular culture’s holiday foods, feel free to highlight that on your website.

Customers, personal or corporate, are looking to include these catering industry trends in their upcoming events. We have a feeling that these trends won’t be trends for very long, though. They will actually become more of the norm. Be sure to consider these items when planning for events this year and keep your business ahead of the curve. Happy Holidays!