Fall Event: Catering Success Tips

As the air begins to have a crisp, and the leaves start to fold into deep reds and golds, as caterers, we know this signifies the next busy season. Fall weddings have become even more popular as temperatures in the summer are too hot and couples want not to be a sweaty mess in all their pictures. 

We’d like to share some essential catering success tips from our experience as caterers. Our founder, John Cohen, has helped his parents with autumnal style events for most of his life and knows how to embrace the beauty of fall with especially designed menu items.

  1. Comfort food, but make it colorful. Yes, as the year grows colder, soups, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, all those classic comfort foods start popping up. But don’t be basic! Incorporating pomegranate seeds, beets, fennel, sweet potatoes, pestos, and so much more is paramount to wowing clients. Within TPP Catering Software, you can actually go menu by menu, ore ingredient by ingredient, and allow your chefs to play around with tastings. Make comfort food colorful, because clients always eat with their eyes first.
  2. For our caterers that also specialize in decor, lines, and bring their warehouses to events, leave the fake flowers at home. If accessible, wildflowers are all the rage right now. (and they are also free). Save on artificial decor and really dive into autumn with wild flowers as table decorations. Of course, simple, minimalist, and natural athletics tie into catering more than we all think.
  3. Have a backup plan. Fall is a tough season to crack down. Everyone wants to be outside and have your catering dishes be surrounded by leaves and earthy tones. Well, what happens when it rains? Investing in a tent or making sure all food is served in doors might be your best bet. 

A fall wedding or event is an opportunity to create new culinary visions with your team that embrace the season’s flavors. Never forget to pay attention to what other catering companies in your space are doing as they are your direct competitors. So set the standard. Be the only caterer in your area that specializes in certain flavors and culinary designs. What are you waiting for?