The Jetbow Sandwich and Your Catering Menu

With Tim Tebow joining as the Jets new quarterback, the famous Carnegie Deli in New York announced last week that they are naming a new sandwich after Tim Tebow – the ‘Jetbow.’

You could call it a PR stunt – a great way to gain exposure for the deli while capitalizing on some national news that is a big deal locally in the NY area. But naming items on the menu to endear a restaurant or catering business to the area where they are located is not new.

In fact there is a whole science to it. Check out this article on the Vanee website that reports on an experiment conducted by two University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers that gives explanation and direction on how to choose the best name for menu items.

Some businesses choose to have a menu item naming contest. Pita Pit utilized its Facebook page to let customers be involved in naming their latest item. Tactics like this allow customers to feel more engaged as well as generate buzz.

However you decide to name your menu items, making it sound mouthwatering and delicious is important. What creative ways have you named items on your menu?