Our Favorite Moments From Catersource 2018

Check out our favorite moments from Catersource 2018!

Melissa Tibben Bringing the house down at the first annual CaterSlam storytelling competition!

Catersource 2018 was such a blast, it’s hard to pick a favorite moment! I absolutely loved meeting our clients and connecting with new people! But, if I have to pick a favorite moment I’d have to choose CaterSlam! It was so fun and entertaining and brought back so many memories from my time in catering. I can’t wait to hear the stories next year!

Myra Watkins

The happy hour raspberry lemonade mixer was provided by Fruit in Hand and sponsored by Total Party Planner. It was delicious!

It was such a wonderful opportunity to meet some of our existing clients that I have spoken to and worked so closely with over the phone.  Having the chance to not only hear but see how happy they are being a part of the TPP family was truly inspiring. I also really enjoyed getting to know some of the other attendees, like Fruit in Hand, where I was able to learn about their business and to see their product in action.

Ashley Wyatt

Mary Crafts was the winner of the inaugural CaterSlam competition.

This was my first time at Catersource and I really enjoyed it! I met some lovely ladies at the Wine’d up social, and had a great time chatting with everyone there. I also really enjoyed CaterSlam. I knew it was going to be a good time but I did not expect it to be quite so funny and entertaining! The story tellers did not hold back, and it felt a little bit like a catering-themed comedy show. I also have to give a shout out to the fine folks at the Tony Chachere’s booth… They sent me home with a huge pile of different seasoning packets and I have been using them on everything! So good!!!

Molly McCormick

Our amazing client, Chelsea Anderson of B&B Catering, joined the TPP team for the week to help demo our software and share her keys to success!

My favorite part about CaterSource was TPP! I just really loved working with you guys and meeting clients and potential clients and talking about how much I love the system. I also loved the display from Arclite Inc! I think these are super cool because not only do they look really pretty, they can add light to your event while keeping the feel very natural. Instead of a bunch of ugly lights and wires, you get this beautiful piece of scenery that also doubles as a light source!

Chelsea Anderson

Catersource was an amazing experience!! Meeting people from all over and connecting with clients face to face was one of my favorite parts! To hear their passion for Total Party Planner and how the software has changed their business was rewarding. Connections and good food, what more can you ask for in life? Maybe a bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey out of Brooklyn, NY. I got to try their honey at the show and it was yummy!

Amber Pinigis

Catersource was such a fun and exciting experience! As a Client Care Specialist, it was an honor and privilege to be able to meet our current clients, and have the ability to discuss topics face-to-face! A personal favorite moment was being able to provide a quick impromptu training on managing Packlists with one of our clients, Greens Market. I also think Arclite had a beautifully set up booth that was very eye-catching! Their brightly lit decor trees were elegant and could be used at a variety of events. Catersource 2018 was a hit!

Paige Brown

John presents Fausto Pifferrer, our CaterSlam Audience Favorite Winner, with his prize!

I always enjoy Catersource on so many levels, especially getting to see our our  awesome TPP community face to face. I think Catersource did a great job this year with the Keynote Speaker Eric Wahl. His message of doing things different, dreaming, being brave, and following your passions really seemed to keep the crowd on the edge of their seats. Just a cool out-of-the-box experience. Launching the inaugural CaterSlam was a fun an unique experience that gave us a lot of ideas to build upon for next year!

John Cohen

The Total Party Planner Team in front of their booth at the 2018 Catersource tradeshow

We can’t wait to see everyone next year in New Orleans for Catersource 2019!