TPP Ranked Most Popular Catering Software by ICA

Over 40% of caterers trust Total Party Planner for their catering needs, according to the latest study published by the International Caterers Association (ICA).

The ICA is an organization of over 1,200 catering companies all over the world who meet in-person and online to workshop the industry’s challenges, like staffing. Each year, the ICA surveys its member base to provide up-to-date industry statistics, including annual sales, average company size, trends, and the general state of the industry.

Among the organization’s 2024 statistics, the ICA found that the majority of caterers rely on Total Party Planner for their catering planning needs, nearly 10% more than the next-highest competitor.

Total Party Planner was also awarded Best Value Catering Software in 2021 and is supported by over a decade of providing caterers with the tools they need to save time on manual tasks. TPP is a one-stop shop for caterers looking to run a smoother operation by assisting users in creating proposals and contracts, managing menus and inventory, scheduling and planning events, and handling finances.

most popular catering software

The TPP Catering Software Difference

TPP sets itself apart from catering software competitors through its responsive and helpful customer support alongside resources and training options to ensure users can get the absolute most out of the software. It’s Total Party Planner’s hands-on, deep understanding of what caterers need to keep their business running smoothly that empowers their team to continually develop a multifaceted software that has become the popular choice among caterers.



Customer Support

Many users have cited their appreciation of TPP’s helpful customer service as a reason for their continued use of its catering software. This dedication to excellence ensures that every user, regardless of whether they consider themselves tech-savvy or a novice, can get the most out of TPP’s features for their business. Users also have the opportunity to participate in training sessions and can take advantage of a library of guides and resources to navigate the software with confidence.


Scheduling and Electronic Payments

TPP’s automated electronic payments feature, TPP Pay, streamlines the payment process, eliminating manual errors and saving precious time. These tools allow caterers to focus more on the creative and service aspects of their business, knowing that the backend operations are handled with precision and reliability.


Contact Management and CRM Capabilities

Understanding the importance of maintaining and managing relationships in the catering business, TPP offers advanced contact management features and CRM capabilities. This integrated system provides a seamless way to track all client communications, proposals, and financial transactions, ensuring that every interaction is recorded and accessible. This level of organization is crucial for caterers aiming to provide personalized service and build a loyal customer base.


Explore the Possibilities with Total Party Planner

Staying ahead in the catering industry requires a reliable partner, and with Total Party Planner, you’re not just choosing a software, but a pathway to streamlined efficiency and enhanced client relationships. Recognized by over 40% of caterers globally, TPP offers an intuitive solution for those ready to refine their operations and elevate their service offerings.

Embrace a software that evolves with your business, from managing intricate event details to simplifying communications through advanced CRM capabilities. Total Party Planner is more than just a tool; it’s a support system designed to help you thrive in a competitive landscape.

Curious to see how TPP can transform your catering business? We invite you to schedule a free demo with our team!