Melissa Tibben: Something Extraordinary

During her tenure at Attitude on Food, Melissa’s creative spirit knew no bounds. When asked about her table preference for a new venue’s grand opening, she aimed for something extraordinary. How would they stand out from the competition? 

No ordinary table would suffice. Melissa envisioned an “Open-Air Bedroom” concept, where Breakfast for Dinner reigned supreme. Collaborating with her team and AOF’s founder, Nathan Newhouse, a menu was born. 

But Melissa’s ambition didn’t stop at the menu. She transformed the space into a dreamy scene with rented bedroom furniture. Staff rocked company tees and PJs, while Melissa flaunted a vibrant pink PJ set. 

Picture this: 

  • The scene boasted a live action mac ‘n’ cheese station on the dresser and nightstands, where guests could customize to their heart’s content. 
  • Mini tacos mingled with awards on bookshelves, a playful nod to childhood trophies. #humblebrag 
  • Coffee cups hung from the headboard, showcasing Espresso Cinnamon Rolls drizzled with an espresso creme en glace. 
  • Servers passed “biscuits and gravy” Vol au vents with finesse. A perfect little bite.  
  • Guests were welcomed atop the bunk by Melissa herself, offering a Passion Fruit Pick Me Up Mocktail—a refreshing mix of Pineapple & Passion Fruit Granita, grenadine, and club soda. 

The lesson? Dare to ask for what you envision. Your audacity could leave competitors in awe, admiring your success from below. 🎉 #Visionary #CreativeCuisine #BoldDreams