Latest Poll Results Show Astounding Numbers

In a recent poll of all TPP users (desktop & web-based), we were astounded by the results of a time savings survey.  We posed the question:

How much total time do you save per week using Total Party Planner (as compared to your old method of managing events)?

36% of our user base stated they were saving up to 6 hours a week using Total Party Planner
26% were saving between 6 and 10 hours per week
19% were saving between 11 and 15 hours per week
19% were saving OVER 15 hours per week

What would you do with an entire day of EXTRA time on your hands per week? 64% of TPP users are finding out!  Three of those categories above is 1 DAY OR MOREof time savings!

In a tightening economy, our user community has expressed thanks for having the extra time over old methods of managing their companies.  One client was quoted as saying “I have more time now for marketing and development of the business. Some weeks I simply spend the extra time with my family.”

For more information on the time saving features and benefits of Total Party Planner, please visit www.totalpartyplanner.com .