How Are Clients Finding You?

Our last blog topic was about preparing for wedding season. But maybe we should back up a step and be sure that brides (or any other prospects) are finding you. Obviously the best way to obtain a new client is through word of mouth referrals. But we now live in an online world and many people search and shop for everything online. The World Wide Web is a big place and if you aren’t being found easily, you may need to pump up the ways your business gets found.

There are directories out there whose sole purpose is to put your business in front of people looking for caterers. The benefits of partnering with a service like this are a) it’s a secondary way to get found, other than your own website, and b) if you don’t have the time or knowledge to get your website fully optimized for search engines to find you, you can let these sites essentially do it for you. They know how to get found and they can help funnel the traffic to you. Here are just a few to get you started.

Caterhub.com lets you create a page that includes your menu. From there potential clients can find you, place orders and even pay online. It is a full service site that offers a lot of great ways to connect with people searching for a caterer.

Partyspace.com is a relatively new website that began in the Philadelphia area and is quickly growing to new markets. It mainly focuses on weddings and special event planning.

Localcatering.com offers customers more than just finding a caterer – they also offer limos, DJs, florists, and more. The wider scope of this website may get your business in front of more potential clients.

These websites either charge a monthly rate or a fee for each lead they forward to you. Learn the details to be sure it’s a good fit for your budget.

Check these sites out and let us know your thoughts. Do you currently partner with a directory like these? Share them here with your experiences.