Food Trucks Perfect for New Parents

Being a new parent can make it a little harder to do some of the things you used to do before having children.  As a new mom, one of the things I’m not quite comfortable with yet is going out to eat at some of my favorite restaurants with a baby in tow.  Instead, my husband and I have been searching for alternative options that are more baby friendly, which has introduced us to the world of food trucks!

Here in Richmond, VA, we are lucky to have a ton of amazing food offerings, with some of the best being served right out of a truck.  Richmond has many locations around town where these food trucks congregate together and people show up specifically for that reason.

At a recent outing to an outdoor concert at our local brewery, there were many different trucks to choose from.  I recognized some of the names from around town, but one truck that stood out was one of our longtime clients, Mosaic Catering.  The lines at these trucks were super long; it seemed like everyone was there for the food! As an observer, it appeared like the operators who were also seasoned caterers were the most efficient and able to keep the line moving while still dishing up quality gourmet offerings.

Have you adopted the growing food truck trend as an extension of your catering business?  There are so many benefits of implementing a food truck offering for your business, as discussed in detail in this past Total Party Planner blog post.  And who knows; you might just tap into a group of diners who don’t have the option to experience what you have to offer in another setting (such as new moms like me).  Give them a good experience, and they are sure to think of you the next time they need a caterer!