February 17 Marks 15-Year Anniversary for TPP

Think of all the things that can happen in just 15 years…

Computers can go from taking up an entire room to fitting on a desk in your home—and in another 15 years, they can fit in the palm of your hand.

Small babies can grow into teenagers, ready to start learning how to drive a car.

You can pay off a mortgage.

Four U.S. presidential elections can happen in 15 years.

And of course, let’s not forget about the wonderful things that happen to Scotch whisky and wine in 15 years!

Fifteen years is a significant amount of time—long enough for some fine things to mature but not long enough to become old and stale (unless you’re certain sitcoms or NBC dramas—but that’s a whole other story).

Which is why I am sort of in awe that we are celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Total Party Planner catering software on February 17! Our first real customer (besides my parents, of course) was King’s Korner, down in Chesterfield, Virginia. They’ve been in business since 1982—which admittedly makes our 15 years look like child’s play.

But that also means that they’ve been around long enough to have an intimate knowledge of the catering business. They have a good idea of what it takes to keep clients happy, pull off some amazing events, and have real staying power. And they chose Total Party Planner back in its infancy to help them run leaner, meaner, and more successfully.

As you can imagine, TPP has grown a lot since then—and so have our customers! The software is now web-based for mobile access, while you’re on the go at events. There are more features, bells, and whistles than I ever could have originally imagined, thanks to giant leaps forward in technology.

And Total Party Planner has given countless numbers of caterers a leg up—that extra edge they need to coordinate bigger and better events, improve menus to improve margins, and even turn around proposals and invoices faster to their own clients, so they can win more business—and more applause.

A lot has happened in 15 years, for us and for our customers. And for the last 15 years, we say, “Thank you!” Thank you for choosing us to be your business partner in the kitchen and in the office. We are extremely proud to have served you for the last 15 years—and we look forward to working with you and contributing to your success for at least another 15!

To your success, now and in the future,

John Cohen
Owner and Founder
Computica, Inc., for Total Party Planner Catering Software