Fall Food Catering Trends 2015: What’s got staying power and what will wow your clients

If you’re a smart caterer (and signs seem to indicate that you are), then you’re probably reading up on catering industry news and thinking ahead to the next season. So, while mere mortals are soaking up those last few rays by the pool before having to buy school supplies, most small business owners like you are already thinking ahead to shorter, cooler days, hot apple cider, and pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING!

This fall we’re seeing a few new trends, as well as some fall food trends gaining a stronger foothold in the market. Trends that started as fads are starting to gain in popularity, because they make a lot of sense to consumers.

Here’s your sneak-peek preview at the trends clients are asking for this fall.

Ruffled - photo by http://www.cyrience.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/fall-wedding-inspiration-with-a-cider-bar/
Photo Credit: Ruffled Blog

Bye-bye Wedding Cake. Many couples are saying “see ya” to the wedding cake, claiming that it’s too heavy after a long night, a heavy meal, and a fair amount of drinking. Many servers will agree – they often end up toting around cake to guests who are not interested in the flavors they have or who are too full to indulge. Couples are looking to share every moment of their day with their guests, right down to desert, so they’re turning the tables on cake and offering other options. This year, expect to see doughnut towers, pie bars with every kind of pie imaginable, late night milk and cookies, and even fire pit s’mores. Having these ideas handy can help excite your client about planning their event with you.

Fancy Fruit. Fruit is starting to take center stage as it becomes more than just cut-up pieces thrown in a bowl on the side. And with dishes like fig jam and feta danishes, how could it not? Clients are requesting fancy fruit dishes, such as stewed strawberries and wilted spinach with brown sugar and balsamic vinegar (think summer strawberry and spinach salad but warm and sweet). You’re more likely to see these kinds of requests at high-end events. Another fun non-salad way to include fruit: party apples! These are apple slices covered in many tempting ingredients. Our favorite is a crisp Granny Smith apple smeared with peanut butter, rolled in oats, and drizzled with dark chocolate. Or perhaps you’d like pink lady apples covered in Nutella and roasted hazelnuts? These are easy for guests to eat during happy hour and look beautiful on a platter. Another “fruitful” dish we love is fruit-stuffed cornucopias – flaky pastry dough drizzled with honey and stuffed with seasonal fruit. What could be better?

Deep-Fried Bites of Heaven. On the opposite end of the spectrum from healthy fruits are fried foods. Once popular in settings like the state fair, fried foods are making their way into more formal events in easy-to-manage bite-sized portions. Think deep-fried mac and cheese, fried mashed potatoes, and even mini deep-fried chicken and waffle bites. Mmm, now we’re talking!

If you’re looking for a way to keep your ideas and new recipes organized, our catering software has a recipe section, as well as the ability to populate your ingredient lists for each recipe you choose. What better way to keep track of your new fall creations? If you have any questions about how to do this, just reach out to our stellar client care team by email or by phone!

When you come up with creative new ideas for fall, make sure to share them with us @TPPSoftware on Twitter and at Total Party Planner on Facebook. We want to hear your recipes and see your fabulous pictures! Have an event that went unexpectedly well? Tell us all about it and what made it so amazing!