Catersource Conference & Tradeshow 2012

I know from experience that catering is hard enough when you try to travel the difficult road alone. So why not share your questions, struggles, needs, wishes, and ideas with over six thousand of your peers from all over the country? That’s what’s so amazing about the Catersource Conference and Tradeshow – learning and sharing together. The conference brings people together who all have only one goal in mind… executing great catered events.

Along with being challenging, catering can also be an extremely competitive business right? Your probably not at home having meaningful discussions with a direct competitor about food costs and business trends. This is not true in Vegas… you will interact with hundreds of other business men and women in which competition is not an issue.

The educational conference is a learning experience like no other. You will take away useful knowledge and skills from the 4 days of seminar’s taught by industry experts. Mike Roman, founder of Catersource and catering guru, guarantees it. The main selling point for Catersource is continued growth of your business with success along the way.

Don’t let the glitz and glamour of Vegas take away from the value of the show. It is not a non-stop party. You are there to learn and study. Sure, there is a lot of fun to be had too, but the daytime class schedule is designed to maximize your education. Even the night time special events are meant for learning. They are a great way to show all the new trends for the year “live and tangible”. I know I personally have never been short of amazed over the years at the creativity on display.

The tradeshow portion of the conference is also a great way to see new products in the industry. It is a buying show, so be prepared to be offered some amazing deals from the vendors!

Lastly, but certainly not all inclusive in this blog article, are the tabletop contests, chef challenges, and unbelievable raffle prizes. For full detail about the show, or to register online, visit the Catersource website .

If you are planning on attending, please stop by booth #649 at the tradeshow and say hi to the Total Party Planner catering software team. We would love to meet you!