An “Island Style” Restaurant & Catering Story

On our recent trip to Turks and Caicos, my wife and I had the pleasure of dining at some really fantastic restaurants on this quaint Caribbean island. There was one place, however, that really made a lasting impression.

“Crackpot Kitchen” in Grace Bay Village and local celebrity owner Chef Nik knows that customer service is one of the best ingredients a restaurant or catering service can include in the culinary experience.

I would say that most of the service in Providenciales (or “Provo” for short) was simply cordial. Nothing more. From making phone reservations, being greeted by the hosts, served by the wait staff, and maybe checked by management – it all fell short of us feeling special at most of the restaurants.

It wasn’t until we dined at Crackpot Kitchen that we felt like we were truly appreciated. Our host could not have been happier to seat us without a reservation (frowned upon at most other places) and then Dameo our waiter took it to another level of excellence.

And then… out came owner Chef Nik. He personally visited our table and thanked us for coming in. What makes this even more special is that Chef Nik is a fast rising celebrity on this Caribbean island. We knew “of him” from the local magazines but never thought we would actually get to meet him.

Chef Nik-2

I should mention too that our 4-course meal was awesome!

Chef Nik is the star of the first cooking show in Turks and Caicos. Since he can remember, he was cooking for his siblings to help his mom out while she worked as a police officer. Eventually, all the kids wanted Nik to cook instead of mom!

His style comes from a unique twist on traditional ways to cook red beans and rice, okra and rice, stew conch and conch fritters, fish grits, and red bean soup. Chef Nik worked for years at several restaurants perfecting his craft and learning other cuisines such as Italian, Japanese and French.

In 2012 Chef Nik started his catering business and the concept for the TV show – which is part cooking and part comedy. He also started a Cooking Camp for kids 10 to 18 years old. The inspired children eagerly learn Chef Nik’s twist on native dishes.

Thanks to Chef Nik for a great experience and understanding fully that customer service is truly one of the best ingredients a restaurant or catering service can dish up!

For more information on Crackpot Kitchen and Chef Nik, check out their website!