2018 Drink Trends Every Caterer Should Know

2017 was the year of the Old Fashioned and Moscow Mule, so what will 2018 bring? With the advent of Instagram and Snapchat, restaurants and caterers have seriously upped their cocktail game to make their drinks as beautiful as they are delicious, and the trend is not slowing down anytime soon.

The Healthy Drink

“Healthy” cocktails will be big in the new year. Drinks made with ingredients like kombucha and matcha tea are meant to be immune boosting and antioxidant rich, so you can have your healthy cocktail and drink it too. Check out this matcha martini recipe.

The Pretty Drinkbartender adds garnish to pink cocktail

Photo-friendly drinks are crucial for caterers and restaurateurs who are looking to elevate their social media engagement. For 2018 think about creating colorful beverages with attention grabbing garnishes, served in cool cocktail glasses.

The Eco Friendly Drink

Sustainably sourced ingredients will be big in 2018. In fact, nearly 50% of consumers are willing to pay a 10% premium for environmentally friendly goods, and this includes drinks! See how sustainably sourced cocktails may change how consumers drink.

The Summer Drink

While it may be best served in warmer months, frosé is still looking big for 2018. Frosé skyrocketed into popularity last summer, driving up sales of rosé wine by 104% in British supermarkets. The icy blend of rosé and berries is the perfect blend of sweet, tart, and refreshing in the summer heat.

bartender pouring craft beer from tapThe Local Drink

Regional rum and craft beer will reign supreme in 2018. Molasses used to make rum has a different flavor based on the region in which the sugar cane was grown, giving consumers a good reason to try a variety of regional rum. Craft beer continues to rise in popularity as local breweries pop up all over the US. People love a good reason to support local businesses (like all of the amazing breweries Richmond has to offer!), and serving local beers at an event or wedding can be especially meaningful.

By offering cocktail options or drink packages that follow current trends, caterers can set themselves apart from the competition and generate buzz at events. Everyone loves the classic cocktails, but exciting, new, and trendy drinks will get people talking. Want to see how Total Party Planner can help you create drink packages? Request a live, personalized demo here.