Pinterest for Party Planning

When client’s give you free reign to plan every aspect of their event, you probably have some go-to tools to get the creative juices flowing.  If you aren’t already using it for this aspect of your business, Pinterest is a great platform, to not only help you generate ideas, but to organize and bring everything together into a visual package.

I’ve recently had my party planner hat on, as I have been preparing to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday.  All you parents out there can probably sympathize with me on how the first birthday is a pretty big deal.  Not only is it a time for many of your relatives and friends to gather and spend time with your child (and perhaps watch them devour their first piece of cake), but it’s also a time for the parents to celebrate surviving that first year of parenthood!

To help me plan all the details of the party, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. And there certainly was not a shortage of it available.  Pinterest allows you to “pin” ideas or anything you find on the web that you want save.  You organize them by pinning to a virtual “board”.  Think of it as your cork board collecting ideas for a project.   You can pin from anywhere on the web, or you can search Pinterest to see things that have already been pinned.  You can search other users’ boards to find ideas and see what others are pinning.

In my planning, I created a board dedicated to the party.  I then started searching using terms like “first birthday party” and “kid’s birthday party” to get some general inspiration.  Later, I got a little more specific searching for types of food, dessert, and décor.  I browsed other users “first birthday party” boards as well, along the way pinning whatever caught my attention.   Once I had a vision of what I liked for the party, I refined my board and shaped it into what I was hoping to include.   You can see an excerpt of my board here:

Pinterest Board



Using Pinterest for your internal planning is only one of the ways Pinterest can be used for your business.  Pinterest is also a great social platform where clients and prospects can interact with you and everything that you have to offer.  To learn more about Pinterest, visit http://about.pinterest.com/.