Marketing Videos and Catering Go Together like Red Wine and Steak

TPPIt’s a perfect pairing! Marketing videos and catering go together like red wine and steak. They compliment each other perfectly—and help the diner (your client) get the most out of their meal.

How, you say? So glad you asked! Because a well-done video (and keep in mind that well-done does not have to mean expensive) can take the place of a personal introduction when you can’t be there in person. So that when you do finally talk to your prospective clients, you already seem familiar to them. And that will put them at ease. And that will make them more likely to hire you.

Think about how you yourself make decisions. Let’s say you’re looking for a plumber and you don’t have a referral. You’re starting from scratch.

You look on the Internet or in a phone book. You have basic listings that are just a name and a number. No personality. No specialties. Nothing to tell you if they’re the right person for your job.

Then you have some plumbers with ads—and some of them catch your eye. Some ads are obviously put together with more care—and have more of the details you care about. 

Finally, you call the plumber you have the best gut feeling about, right? One that seems to meet the qualifications or specialty you’re looking for—and that resonates with you (consciously or subconsciously).

It works the same way for caterers. People have to know you meet their NEEDS and that they can trust you. A video is undoubtedly one of the best ways to start building rapport. A marketing video shows you in the flesh: talking, smiling, and making amazing food—food that sizzles and pops with excitement, making clients’ mouths water!

Forget any of the marketing mumbo jumbo. Plain and simple: Video will help put your customers at ease by making you feel more familiar to them faster.

An intro video that appeals to your clients starts to create that glimmer of trust, so you can get a baby toe in the door of your clients’ minds—and their decision making process.

PLUS, think about this: Video can reach more of the senses than words or photographs alone can. Good food is so visual, aural, and completely tantalizing. What better medium for showing off your amazing culinary creations than video?

Here’s the hard truth. Any plumber who has been in business any length of time can probably get the job done for you. Just as any caterer can supply at least some basic level of food and service for an event.

But if you’re inviting a plumber into intimate spaces in your home, you want someone you feel comfortable with—and are even happy to support. Catering is the same way. How do you convey that your client’s special day is just as important to you?

Through a personal promo video. The vibe you put out in your video will help people feel more familiar and comfortable with you when they talk to you, and you’ll attract the kinds of clients who click with that vibe.

Check out this fantastic video from Savory Chef in Vancouver, BC. Short, sweet, to the point, it makes a personal statement about Chef Taryn’s and the food she creates, while giving a teasing glimpse of the amazing, glamorous events they can produce.

We followed our own advice and created some Total Party Planner videos—and the response has been astounding! If you haven’t already, check out our introductory Total Party Planner video on our homepage, as well as our Total Party Planner software demo video. We’ve always prided ourselves on having a personal, feels-like-family touch—from your very first contact with us to decades from now when you need technical support. No matter how we’ve grown, we make sure that customer service and technical support never suffer.

We wanted that personal touch, and our unique story of how Total Party Planner is catering software developed by a caterer, to come through. Check out our videos—how do you think we did?

Ready to help your clients get that “I just have a good feeling about this company—I want to go with them” feeling? Because a video isn’t just marketing. A video is an extension of yourself. So you can start building rapport and trust with prospective catering clients, 24/7 on the Web.

And that, as you are about to find out when you create your own promo video, is priceless.

If you have a promo video, why did you create it—and what scared you the most before you made one? If you haven’t made a video yet, why not? What’s holding you back? We’d love to hear your thoughts and get some good discussion going in the TPP catering community. Because in this community, there’s enough success to share!