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What is SEM?

John Cohen | June 2, 2015

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, aren’t they all the same thing? Well, no not exactly. They all do occur on the internet so they do have that in common. Out of these three marketing terms, we’re going to discuss the importance of catering marketing and tackle Search Engine Marketing (aka SEM) since…

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Google Plus for Catering Businesses: Part 1

John Cohen | May 27, 2015

In the last decade we’ve seen quite the uptick in online social sites. Every time you turn around you’re probably being told which new social media you need to become a part of – Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and the list goes on. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Not another social platform to keep up with….

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Dodging Weather Disaster at Catered Events

John Cohen | May 20, 2015

Happy wedding day bride-to-be! It’s a gorgeous, sunny spring day outside and…wait, no. Oh, no. Is that a rain cloud? Panic swells inside of you (and the bride-to-be.) As the bride (or hopefully the wedding or venue coordinator) is rushing to change the placement of the dance floor, reception, and ceremony, you should be calm…

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Summer Catering Food Trends

John Cohen | May 14, 2015

Summer means one thing, especially in the south, tomato season. Tomatoes are one of the most variety filled vegetables (well, fruits) there are, both in type and ingredient possibilities. You can slice yellow and red cherry tomatoes for a hearty bruschetta, puree heirlooms for a fresh salsa, or dice a mix of tomatoes, onions, and…

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Catering to Kids Part 2: Increase Your Market Share through Children’s Parties

John Cohen | May 8, 2015

You can increase your market share through children’s parties. Catering to kids essentially lets you make money while you’re marketing yourself to future clients. Here’s the “why” and the “how”. Why you should be catering to kids 1. Follow the trends The trends are clear. Celebrities are throwing elaborate catered parties for their kids –…

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Catering Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

John Cohen | April 30, 2015

Cinco de Mayo, a celebration beloved by both Mexico and America, is only a few days away. Quick history lesson: Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th. This day now serves as a day of pride for some areas of…

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Buy or Borrow: Providing Linens at Events

John Cohen | April 20, 2015

To buy or to borrow, that is the question. Well, more like “to be or not to be,” but we’re sure Shakespeare won’t mind that we tweaked it a bit. So, to buy or to borrow, linens that is. Many people will assume that linens are provided by either their venue or by their caterer….

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Reviewing Your Reviews

John Cohen | April 14, 2015

Have you ever had a memorable experience at a restaurant that you just raved about to your friends? The food was the best thing you ever ate, the servers were so gracious, and they even brought you dessert on the house because they overheard it was your anniversary? Do you go home and write them…

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Remarketing Your Catering Business

John Cohen | April 8, 2015

Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes at an online retailer? Maybe you decided you wanted to try them on in the store so you didn’t purchase them online. Then you moved on to Facebook and oh, there are those shoes you were just viewing. What a coincidence. Then you go to check…

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Catering to Kids Part 1: Feeding Kids at Grown-up Events

John Cohen | March 30, 2015

Catering to kids can be tricky – feeding kids at grown-up events can be even trickier. How do you please the adults without pandering to the children? Or do you give in and serve them chicken fingers and French fries while the adults have grilled salmon? Do children have a different sense of taste than…

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