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John’s Interesting Finds for Caterers at the 2017 National Restaurant Show

John Cohen | June 16, 2017

The National Restaurant Show is always a great excuse for restaurants and caterers of all sizes to visit the windy city of Chicago, IL. This year was no exception.

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How to Easily Overcome the Summer Slump for Caterers

John Cohen | June 8, 2017

For most caterers, the summer months bring a significant slowdown in business. Specifically, July, August, and September show a notable drop in business to many caterers, event planners, and suppliers. But the summer slump can be overcome with proactive and outside the box thinking. Here are four tips to help increase your business over the…

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Team TPP visits New Orleans for Catersource 2017

John Cohen | April 11, 2017

The one word to describe Catersource 2017? Magical. New Orleans’ energy was bolder and more frenzied than Las Vegas and there is a je ne sais quoi that can’t be replicated. We left feeling fortunate to meet so many new faces, and reconnect with our clients. For client appreciation, we came armed with red tee…

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3 Easy Ways to Increase Business Value with Snapchat

John Cohen | February 2, 2017

We now live in a world ruled by social media and as businesses we’re constantly trying to keep up with the latest trend and new social apps to connect with our audience. Today, we’ll tell you how to use Snapchat, the newest social app adopted into the business world, to touch base with your target…

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New Year’s Reflections for Your Catering Business

John Cohen | December 28, 2016

It’s the last few days before the new year begins. Everywhere you look right now you see articles on how to better yourself or hear hosts on the Today Show tell you how to re-center yourself and achieve your goals for 2017. While most people talk about re-centering and bettering themselves as individuals, it is…

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What’s on Your Delivery Menu: Determining Which Services to Provide

John Cohen | December 7, 2016

We’re not talking about takeout here. This delivery is more about your services, less about food showing up at someone’s door. The decision of what services you can and should deliver to your clients is a strategic business choice. Your focus as a caterer is of course the food, but catering can be so much…

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Connecting with Your Catering Clients

John Cohen | November 18, 2016

In September we talked about The Right Fit, determining who was the right client for you. Now, we want to talk about how to attract customers and connect with those clients. You’ve already done the hard part, figuring out who to talk to. Many businesses, catering and event planning related or not, struggle the most with determining who…

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You’re Worth It! Explaining the Cost of Your Catering Services

John Cohen | November 2, 2016

What is the biggest objection you hear from potential clients? We’re going to go out on a not so big limb and say the cost of your catering services is the thing you get the most challenging feedback about. You put a lot of time, energy, and consideration into every aspect of your business, including your…

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Let’s Go! Total Party Planner Mobile App

John Cohen | October 14, 2016

There is a saying for people who daydream. They’re said to have their “head in the clouds.” Well, the clouds aren’t such a bad place to be if you are a business owner on the go. Since cloud computing was introduced, businesses have been soaring with making themselves mobile. If you’re not as familiar with…

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Connecting Locally: Which networking groups are right for you?

John Cohen | October 7, 2016

As a business owner you likely get offers to join various networking groups every month. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the offers to join everything from your local Chamber of Commerce to a wedding network to a caterers only group, but don’t take these offers for granted. These events give you the opportunity…

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