Top 5 Benefits of Using Catering Software for Your Business

The results are clear and indisputable. Across the thousands of clients we’ve helped in our 15 years of business, the results are overwhelmingly in favor of using catering software in your kitchen. The top 5 benefits of using catering software in your business range from being able to track food and labor costs more accurately to being able to create better financial reports—all of which lead to more money made and saved and less time spent on paperwork for you.

1. Make more money on each event.

Catering software lets you track the true cost of an event and where your money is going, from ingredients to labor to rental equipment—which will help you make a more accurate (and more profitable) quote. You’ll be able to help clients stay within their budgets and at the same time create menus with better profit margins for you. Better service, better event—and better money for you.

2. Run each event better.

Enter all your event details into TPP just once, and then you’ll have all that information at your fingertips. Print proposals and invoices, make shopping lists for the menu, schedule waitstaff, run inventory reports, create checklists for equipment—so nothing is forgotten, nothing is left behind. Keep track of every detail and any special instructions all in one spot. With all the right equipment and all the right people, you’ll be able to run a better event—every time.

3. Create a better client experience.

TPP makes the client experience better from your very first point of contact. You’ll have all the information your clients need at your fingertips—menus and cost, as well as calendar and staff scheduling information, so you can check for major conflicts right away and see if your favorite bartender is free that day. Once you’ve talked to a prospective client, you can print or email a proposal for them in minutes—which will make you faster than the competition and make you seem more together and professional. You’ll start building trust with your client right away.

4. Cut down on your work.

Remember the days of creating a proposal, then the menu, then the shopping lists and packing lists, then the invoice…never ending paperwork, right? When you use a quality catering program, you enter the client details once—and then really good software will give you the data in any form you want. Make dozens of reports, from food to labor. Create proposals and invoices instantly. Crunch the numbers. And TPP specifically can interface with many popular financial software programs. You can even keep up with your calendar and schedule employees through the software. It’s your one-stop information hub—your catering command center, if you will.

5. Win more applause.

In the end, you’ll run a better event for each and every client, tracking every detail from proposal to final invoice, including payments. You can focus on offering fantastic food and fantastic customer service. And with TPP helping you spend less time on the paperwork, you’ll have more time to enjoy the applause at the end of your event.

Think of all the things that computers have helped us do better and more efficiently over the last few decades, from banking to shopping. Don’t you think your catering business deserves the same efficiency and streamlined service? We do.

If you’re not sure how catering software would work out in the reality of your own kitchen and business office, consider signing up for a live catering software demo to see Total Party Planner in action. We can schedule one at your convenience—and you can ask all your questions.

Are you already using catering software now in your kitchen? How do you like it? How has it helped you the most? Leave us some comments—we’d love to hear from you.