Technology Lessons Applied to Catering

I recently had the pleasure of attending a technology conference specifically for women here in Richmond, VA.   There were so many inspiring speakers, including top executives from IBM, Cisco, Capital One, and many non-profit and local tech companies as well.  The Governor of Virginia even made an appearance. With so many great educational sessions and opportunities for networking, it was a hugely worthwhile event to attend.

From my experience at the conference, I was inspired on so many levels with ideas and attitudes to bring back to Total Party Planner.  Here are some of my biggest takeaways that I feel can be applied to all businesses, not just technology companies:

  • Invest in people and relationships:   Team = Product. The quality of your product is a reflection on the relationships of your team.
  • Build and invest in strong foundations:  Invest in systems and infrastructure to help support your company and keep it running smoothly. We do this at Total Party Planner with having the right staff in place, along with different software programs to help manage our projects and departments. We also help provide caterers with a strong business foundation through our catering software.
  • Fail Fast:   It can be hard to accept that something you have been passionately invested in isn’t going as planned, but if a project or idea you have been working on doesn’t seem to be succeeding, know when to pivot and when to call it quits.
  • Be Inspiring: Inspiration begins with passion and commitment, and it can grow and change. Inspire individuals, organizations, and industries through dedication, innovation, work ethic, and resilience.

After experiencing first hand how myself, and other key staff members at Total Party Planner were inspired by attending the conference, I would definitely recommend finding similar events in your area.  In the words of Rebecca Jacoby, CIO and Senior Vice President of Cisco at the technology conference, “people are your only sustainable competitive advantage in business”.

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