Team Building for Your Catering Staff

I think it’s a safe statement to say that your catering staff works hard. Very hard. They are critical to the success of your business. We know catering is a physically demanding job. It takes mental toughness to consistently please people and execute great events.

It also takes teamwork.

Teamwork plays a critical role for your staff. Everybody from the sales team to the kitchen staff should have each others back. Team building activities are a way to have staff interact in ways outside of the typical day-to-day routine. They help nourish and promote the teamwork philosophy. Activities can range anywhere from simple fun games in a meeting, to events outside the office completely. Either way, you want to encourage the building of bonds between staff members.

Will everybody ultimately be best friends? Probably not, but perhaps getting to know somebody on a different level other than the functions of doing their jobs will shed some light on their behaviors – and why they do things they do.

Recently our entire staff went bowling on a Friday after work. The Developers & Support staff vs the Sales & Marketing team made for quite an interesting game! But at the end of the night, we all felt commonalities between us.

So be sure to plan team building activities with your staff. It’s really not just for Fortune 500 companies. The smallest of companies will absolutely benefit too.

For more specific team building ideas, along with some Do’s and Dont’s, click this link .

Please feel free to share some of the fun and interesting team building activities you have already done!