Simplify Your Busiest Seasons with Total Party Planner!

When you’ve got a full plate, using a catering software like Total Party Planner can help to keep your clients, staff, and vendors organized and happy. Get rid of your pencil and paper, multiple calendars, and inefficient ways of tracking. Total Party Planner can not only improve your business, it can make it easy!

During your busiest seasons, you probably have several events to not only plan, but cater for, too. Instead of carrying around multiple notebooks and coordinating with your company’s many departments, use Total Party Planner to keep dates and vendors straight, brides’ wishes and notes together, and all of the pieces of your company working like a well oiled machine.

TPP can assist you in tracking your progress, too. Keep a current list of tasks and monitor when they are completed. Input the vendors you’ve contacted, their fees, and any discussion notes you have. Follow up with your staff and share the information easily. You can even store correspondence with your customers.

Total Party Planner can also help with payroll and staffing. Features, like the Staff Hiring Manager, help you avoid schedule conflicts and being understaffed or overstaffed. Using an effective catering software program keeps you and your employees on top every detail.

In addition, you can store your most favorite and successful menus and recipes, save procedures and notes, and track costs and invoices. With TPP, your business really does become much easier to manage.

The old days of tracking, sending quotes, and keeping notes with a pen and paper is over. If you want to stay in the game with a successful business, try Total Party Planner. It’s the best way to grow and maintain your business. Look into how TPP can help your business today!

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