Pushers Making a Big Shove in 2015

Have you ever noticed on sitcoms or dramas with lots of office scenes that they show some sort of food cart that strolls through the office throughout the day? And then do you think to yourself “what kind of office is actually hiring a food cart to come around during the day?” Well, more than you would expect. Office food carts, also called push carts, or pushers for short, are becoming more and more popular in offices.

These carts are becoming the new office perk – bye, bye Keurig. Many offices have started toting either in-office carts or hiring food trucks to come to the office for lunch at least once a week. Companies say that providing these kind of options help build a great company culture and in turn create great productivity. Instead of everyone leaving the office for lunch, employees will hang out and get to know one another over a shared meal. What a great selling point to bosses, huh?

If you have been trying to find a unique selling point for your business or an attribute to add that will set you apart, or even if you’re just trying to get started in the catering business, food carts may be your best bet. Before you get started make sure you have all the necessities. In most cities you need a city business license, a food vending license, and they need to know if you’re operating with fire (wood, gas, or coal). Having this paperwork taken care of before you start booking your lunch gigs will keep you ahead of the game and out of hot water with the city.

If you’re looking to be successful with your food cart, you want to make sure you hit the right target audience. We don’t just mean people who like your food, but marketing yourself to businesses that might be interested in having a pusher in the office. You’ll find that businesses like tech companies, startups, advertising agencies, and large corporate offices with a focus on innovation are more likely to see the value (and spend the money) in providing their employees with an in-office food cart. Be sure to make a list of these types of businesses in your area and reach out to them first. Not to say your local dentist office or law firm wouldn’t enjoy a food cart, but they just may be on the B List of companies to reach out to.

When deciding on the type of pusher you’re going to, well push, be sure to make it something unique. Find something different about your business and flaunt it. Do you make the best homemade Pop-Tarts in town? You might be very successful as a breakfast cart. Remind business owners that breakfast is the most skipped and least planned out meal of the day. Employees will love some fresh baked pastries and coffee when they arrive on a chilly morning. Do you use only the freshest, local vegetables and make the best darn balsamic vinaigrette around? You might appeal well to businesses isolated from anything but fast food. Employees would probably swarm you for a fresh tossed salad.

When approaching businesses, be sure to highlight the uniqueness of your cart and the reasons the employees might enjoy such a treat. If you see a selling point, like limited options around, be sure to point them out during your business pitch.

Do you have a good idea for a push cart? Have you started your own catering food cart? Let us know how you got started!