Incredible Letter Received!

John Cohen,
Director of Operations
Computica, Inc.

Dear John,

I want to relate to you some of our experiences with Total Party Planner or TPP.

Before getting into the Catering business, I spent more than 18 years in the computer service business, with a company that provides on-site and remote service in all 50 states as well as many countries overseas, including Antarctica. I worked in the headquarters and several branch offices, providing me an intimate knowledge of Computers and Customer Service, as well as now catering.

In all this time, I have never experienced the prompt and knowledgeable customer service that the people at Total Party Planner provide. Calls are answered or returned promptly. Every question we have posed has been answered right away. Every problem we have presented them has been solved within 24 hours. Requests for some special projects we wanted were completed within two days, and sometimes within a few hours. Their level of customer service is truly unsurpassed.

As to TPP itself, it’s a very flexible program. We are integrating it into our operations a step at a time, to ease the transition for a pretty computer-illiterate staff. This is no problem with TPP. Yet the power is in the program to automate virtually every step of our operations. TPP provides us the ability to use just the parts we need.

In summary, I would heartily recommend Total Party Planner to any catering company-except our local competitors!

Colin Povey
Delectables Fine Catering, Inc.
Palm Harbor, Florida