Creative Serving Suggestions for the Usual Food Suspects

Getting bored with serving the same old food on the same old plates and platters? Every caterer knows that part of getting the “applause” at every event is in the food presentation! So, in the New Year, why not create some irresistible visuals and try perfecting some of these creative ways to serve food for the usual food suspects at your next catering event?

Grab and go!

Veggie stick cups

Alleviate long serving lines and messy, drippy plates by creating small veggie portions in cups with the dip already conveniently added in the bottom. To-go cups are also great for dessert—pack a couple of mini-cupcakes in a to-go cup, put on the lid, attach a spoon, and you have a tasty party favor guests can take with them.



Some dishes are naturally messy, such as certain tapenades and caprese concoctions. However, these Mini Caprese Bites look elegant and are manageably bite-sized. There’s little risk of someone squirting tomato seeds all over themselves with these little treats. Experiment with taking some of your favorite tapenade ingredients or other hors d’oeuvres and making mini bite-sized kabobs out of them. Fruit kabobs are also usually a big it—especially at family and kid functions.

Nature’s Fruit Bowls


How festive do these little lemon bowls look—and think how great the raspberry sorbet inside them will taste with that hint of fresh lemon it gets from it’s natural bowl? We’ve also seen chili baked in scooped out onions—delicious! These types of treats can take a little longer to prepare, although a good melon baller will make your job easier. Maybe save these fancy presentations for smaller events where you have a little more time—or for when your kids, nieces or nephews want to “help” you in the kitchen.

Fruit in Ice Cream Cones


Decorative and practical, because guests can eat the cone while they eat the fruit! Can’t you just see these with a dollop of yogurt, cream cheese dip, or even just some whipped cream in the bottom or along the inside as a bonus treat?

Cupcake Fondue

Cupcake Fondue

Confession time—the whole reason for writing this blog was to tell you about cupcake fondue. Everyone loves a cupcake! The only thing better than cupcakes is getting to dip them in sweet warm frosting and decorating them yourself! A brilliantly fun presentation and experience for guests.

If at least one of these serving ideas doesn’t put a smile on your guests’ face, then you can always go for broke and serve them candy sushi.


These clever little morsels are made from rice crispy treats, fruit roll-ups, gummy fruit snacks and Swedish fish. Sure to satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth and make people giggle at the same time.

Get creative in the kitchen and in the banquet hall in 2013! Have some creative serving suggestions of your own that you’d like to share with the Total Party Planner family? We’d love to hear from you! Send us your idea and a picture or two, and maybe your idea and business will be featured in one of our upcoming blogs! Just contact us at info@totalpartyplanner.com.