Cooking from the Heart with Chef John Besh

This month I met my family for some holiday fun and food in the great city of New Orleans, LA. Needless to say, both our goals of having fun and eating fantastic food, were far exceeded. One afternoon of our trip I had the privilege of attending an exclusive book signing by Chef John Besh at his famous Besh Steak restaurant. His new book is titled Cooking from the Heart.

John Besh book signing
John Besh book signing

If your not familiar with Chef Besh, he owns 9 restaurants – 8 around New Orleans and 1 in San Antonio. His is a fascinating story about a young boy who loved cooking from the early age of 10. After time spent in the military, John decided to do something completely different and attend culinary school. After school, he continued his training as he traveled across Europe working with many famous chefs. His first real job landed him in Germany, where he found out very quickly he still had many lessons to learn! Cooking from the Heart was inspired from his journey along the way. Cooking from the Heart is a beautiful book filled with great stories from Chef Besh, cooking lessons, and most importantly –  interesting and delicious recipes! There are many recipes in the book to wow your social catering clients. For easy reference to Chef Besh’s recipes, you could create a special menu tag in your Total Party Planner catering software. Chef Besh’s new book can be ordered from a number of popular sites including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Have you tried any of Chef Besh’s restaurants? Share your story with us!

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