Catering the Blockbusters

So it’s that time of year again when Hollywood unleashes all of the big budget holiday blockbusters. I think most of us look forward to seeing at least one of them this year… whether it’s vampires, Muppets, talking cats, or dancing penguins.

And you ask yourselves… what does that have to do with catering John? Well, just a nice segue to a share a quick movie story about growing up in a catering family. 

Every time we went to the movies, no matter what the film was, my parents made my brother and I sit through the entire credit list at the end of the movie. Was it punishment for us squabbling over who ate the most popcorn? No. It was the fact that my parents were fascinated to read who the caterer for the film was!

Now admittedly, we never knew any of the companies, but I think it made them feel part of something bigger – and that they were in the same profession of the company that had their name “in shining lights”.  They were also, in their own strange way, recognizing a peer in the industry. Conversations between them always led to what they served, how they did the setup, and which actors and actresses had special diets. (And just to note, while they dreamed of the Hollywood catering glamour, my brother and I were discussing the awesomeness of Darth Vader being Luke Skywalker’s father…)

So, were we just an odd family? Or does anybody else out there want to admit that they too are among the last people to leave the theaters waiting for the 2 second “Catering By: ” credit line! Or maybe you are a Hollywood movie caterer willing to share an interesting story with us.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Enjoy your family, friends, and all the fantastic food that I know our catering friends are going to be cooking up this week!