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Holidays are the Best and Worst Time to Grab Catering Clients’ Attention

John Cohen | November 26, 2012

So even if you’re already booked solid, you still want to grab people’s attention for your catering services during the holidays.

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In The Catering Kitchen: Special Election Edition!

John Cohen | October 11, 2012

For our October spotlight, we wanted to feature two of our clients who recently had the honor of catering the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention in Tampa, FL and Charlotte, NC respectively. La-Tea-Da’s Catering in Charlotte, NC really made an impact on the Democratic National Convention by bringing their “Southern charm with a…

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In The Catering Kitchen With Serendipity Catering!

John Cohen | September 11, 2012

For our September Spotlight, we caught up with Laura Zaspel of Serendipity Catering in Denver, CO.  Read on for great info and tips! Tell us about your business. Laura and Todd Zaspel owned and operated “Laura’s Mountain Bakery” in Nederland, Colorado  from 1996 – 2002. “Some of Colorado’s finest baked goods are found in Nederland …at…

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In The Catering Kitchen With Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods & Party Planning, Inc.

John Cohen | August 14, 2012

This month, we asked busy upscale caterer and event planner Charlotte Berwind of Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods & Party Planning, Inc. how Total Party Planner has helped her Carmel, NY business. Read on for great info and tips! Tell us about your business. We are extremely high end caterers and event planners whose focus is…

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Simplify Your Busiest Seasons with Total Party Planner!

John Cohen | July 30, 2012

When you’ve got a full plate, using a catering software like Total Party Planner can help to keep your clients, staff, and vendors organized and happy. Get rid of your pencil and paper, multiple calendars, and inefficient ways of tracking. Total Party Planner can not only improve your business, it can make it easy! During…

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10 Reasons to Use Catering Management Software

John Cohen | July 10, 2012

It’s easy to manage all your catering events when you use event management software!

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In The Catering Kitchen with Roy-El Catering

John Cohen | June 21, 2012

This month, we asked Marty Nungesser of Roy-El Catering for some insight on how he and his family have successfully run their Belleville, IL business for the last 25 years. Read on for great info and tips! Tell us about your business. We are an all-inclusive family catering business. We provide catering services for any…

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Team Building for Your Catering Staff

John Cohen | April 23, 2012

For caterers, team building activities are a way to have staff interact in ways outside of the typical day-to-day routine.

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The Jetbow Sandwich and Your Catering Menu

John Cohen | April 10, 2012

With Tim Tebow joining as the Jets new quarterback, the famous Carnegie Deli in New York announced last week that they are naming a new sandwich after Tim Tebow – the ‘Jetbow.’ You could call it a PR stunt – a great way to gain exposure for the deli while capitalizing on some national news that is a big deal locally in the NY area. But naming items on the menu to endear a restaurant or catering business to the area where they are located is not new.

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Large vs. Small Event Catering

John Cohen | April 3, 2012

After reading Mike Roman’s blog last week where he stated “often a party for 45 can have more problems than an event of 450,” it got me thinking about how true that statement really is. How many times have you been hired to cater a smaller event that had so many obstacles that it took up more time than your larger events?

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