Are You Ready to Serve?

Are your phones ringing off the hook yet with people booking Super Bowl parties, weddings, and Easter affairs? Okay, maybe not Easter yet. If they aren’t yet, just consider it the calm before the storm. You may remember from our last post that we mentioned we would be posting a Serving Size Guide that you could share with clients. The serving guide can not only aid in the overall ordering process, but as we mentioned in a previous post, knowing how many items it will take to serve a certain size party will help your potential clients budget their money and know if you all are a good fit.

There are a few things that your potential clients will want to consider when planning their event. Here are a few extra tips you can include with this Serving Size Guide to help your potential customers plan:

  • How long is the event? Longer events will require more beverages and possibly more snacks depending on the type of event you have.
  • Are you having a sit down dinner or just heavy hor d’oeuvres? If you are having a party with just appetizers you will want to plan for 12 pieces a person. If you are serving dinner with a cocktail hour you can go lighter on the hor d’oeuvres with 6 pieces a person.
  • Who is attending the event? The 30 men attending your Super Bowl Party will predictably eat more than the 30 women who attended the bridal shower you threw. Consider your audience and attendees before you place your order.
  • What time of day if the event? The time of your event will also determine the amount of food expected by your guests. A lunch-time event will be lighter on the main course than a dinner-time event. Are you having a cocktail hour or late night event? You can assume that most people will have eaten dinner before any event that is 8 pm or later.

This serving guide provided is based on a 4-5 hour event and is meant to be used as a general rule for suggestions, as of course, there are many factors to take into account when determining quantities.


TTP Serving Size guide


 Download a copy of our Serving Size Guide here.