Total Party Planner Mobile App

There is a saying for people who daydream. They’re said to have their “head in the clouds.” Well, the clouds aren’t such a bad place to be if you are a business owner on the go. Since cloud computing was introduced, businesses have been soaring with making themselves mobile.

If you’re not as familiar with the concept of cloud computing, or “the cloud” as it is often referred to, we’ll give you a quick tutorial. The cloud is a way for you to access files from anywhere across multiple devices. If you’re a fan of Apple or Google products, you’ve seen the cloud at work with your photos, notes, and apps. The use of the cloud has made life on the go as a business owner convenient and easy, especially for those of us whose job has always consisted of a few days out of the office, or kitchen in our case.

Catering friends, raise your hands if you can remember a time when you had to bring all paper copies of your menus and function details to events. How about carrying around a call sheet or contact book with your staff’s phone numbers and information? Yes, that used to be the life of a caterer. A literal paper trail you could follow from home, to the office, to the store, to the event. As caterers ourselves we went through the same struggle. We built Total Party Planner to help eliminate some of those inconveniences, for ourselves and for you, and with the cloud this has become even easier. If you’re new to using Total Party Planner you’re probably still getting used to all of the features, but let us tell you one of the best features: the mobile app. We hear the most praise from our caterers about our mobile app for small business. The Total Party Planner mobile catering business companion allows you to access your catering and event planning contacts, calendars, event details, staff information, and more from your smartphone or tablet while you’re working onsite.

catering software mobile app

Earlier this year we updated the Total Party Planner app to include some additional features to make working out of the office even more convenient. No more copying and pasting addresses from emails into your navigation app. You can now view the venue address and click to bring up directions right into Google Maps. You don’t have to stumble through client meetings trying to answer questions by searching through your emails. You can now view events by status to see if you’ve sent a proposal, if the event is confirmed, or if you’re still waiting on details to move forward. These features help you run your catering business successfully on the go whether you’re out shopping, at client meetings, or onsite during the event. If you haven’t downloaded the mobile catering business companion for Total Party Planner you can grab it for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Ready to see what Total Party Planner can do for your catering business? Request a live demo today and learn how you can get organized and grow your business!