The Importance of Work Life Balance as a Caterer

The Importance of Work Life Balance as a Caterer

Within this industry we all know how demanding the catering world can be. From managing big weddings to keeping up with staff and shift changes, the long hours can take a serious toll on us. We usually put everyone first over ourselves. This obviously leads to burnout, fatigues, and overall performance issues. Why do we tell our staff to rest, vacation, and take care of themselves, but we don’t do the same? Let’s review the importance of work-life balance as a caterer and how catering software can help you achieve it.

Try to avoid overworking. Now, we know that’s funny to most caterers, but working 16-18 hour days is not normal. During busy seasons, that could mean a few weeks of long hour days and that can affect not only your physical health but also your mental. If you can, schedule time off, even if it just means sleeping a few extra hours. Take the breaks you expect your staff to take, and try to avoid manual tasks. Catering software, like Total Party Planner, can eliminate dozens of tasks off your plate and automate them!

Delegate as much as possible. Trusting your event managers to create those everlasting, beautiful experiences for your clients… is what you hired them to do. SO LET THEM DO IT! It is essential to delegate responsibilities to all your employees and team so that you can be a more effective, focused business. It will help you avoid unnecessary stress and allow them to take ownership of certain responsibilities.

Schule relaxation activities, with your team. MIBE does a wonderful job of setting the standard for how to treat your team. They take a vacation every year that allows them to decompress and relax after a long year of events. Make sure your team is looked after and schedule low-active days that promote work-life balance.

If you can allow yourself or your staff to work from home, it is a great way to balance unexpected changes. Embrace the work from home flexibility. With TPP catering software, you don’t have to be on site. Our web based software allows you to travel the world or just work from home. You can plan, manage, create, events, menus, proposals, and so much more within the software. 

Embrace Work Flexibility: Work flexibility helps to balance your work and personal life. As a caterer, you may face unexpected changes such as last-minute event bookings or cancellations. Embracing work flexibility allows you to manage such changes with ease, and it helps to avoid burnout.