Summer Backyard Party Trends

Summer parties have moved well beyond hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill—people are getting serious about throwing a beautiful backyard get together! Check out these awesome backyard party trends:


Photo by Belle Sucre

Patio or bistro lighting can seriously elevate any outdoor space. In addition to their practical purpose, lights are a great way to visually designate a party space, and make any event look pulled together. You can hang lights anywhere with the right materials; anchor tall wooden posts firmly into the ground, or into a bucket filled with sand and stones, and attach your lights to the posts.

Photo by Avaz International



 Suspended decor

Hanging florals are huge this year, and give your space an elegant, trendy atmosphere. Use flowers, plants, and greenery that can hold up in the heat, like eucalyptus, begonias, roses, and lisianthus. Here’s a great video that shows you how you can make a beautiful hanging floral installation yourself. If you’re looking for something a little simpler, greenery garlands hung strategically around your yard can transform the area, making it look lush and vibrant even in the summer heat. And for maximum impact, greenery walls are a trend that won’t be going anywhere soon. These beautiful focal points provide the perfect backdrop for photos or a even a DIY bar!

Self-serve cocktails

Speaking of a DIY bar…A little bit risky, but a whole lot of fun—self serve cocktails and bars are becoming more popular for backyard parties and even more formal events, like weddings. Make it ultra casual with drink coolers and a cocktail station, or go for a trendy and sophisticated mobile bar or self-pour beer wall. Self serve bars are fun for guests, and can make for a beautiful station at your backyard party, just make sure you have plenty of food to serve, too! Better yet, hire a bartender to help with the “self” serve.

S’mores Bar

Not only are s’mores are inexpensive and easy, but they create a fun experience for guests! Experiential foods are hugely popular right now. Catering clients are looking for more interactive food and events, rather than providing a passive dining experience. And nothing says “Summer” more than s’mores. Adults love them because they’re reminded of their childhood, and kids love them because it’s a good excuse to have fun and get a little messy!

Caterers can capitalize on these fun backyard party trends to create beautiful and memorable events for your clients! Team up with a rental company to create suspended decor, and find a mobile bar in your area to add something unique to your offerings. Be sure you’re well prepared to cater any backyard event with these 5 Tips For Catering Outdoors!