Streamlining Your manual Catering Processes

Hey Catering Business owners! John Cohen here – Founder of TPP.

If you’re struggling with manual processes, spreadsheets, documents and redundancies I want to share 4 quick ideas with you right now to help organize!

  1. Move everything from local drives to the cloud! Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are great to keep your team collaborative outside of the physical office.
  2. Build templates for Proposal and menu packages. This will give your company a consistent look and allow you to get quotes to leads faster than ever. It also makes training new staff much easier.
  3. Make a centralized daily list to keep track of important priorities! You can find many apps that are great.
  4. Look into an online catering software package like TPP to host everything in a single system. This is the ultimate in organization. 

As far as catering software solutions, TPP is uniquely designed from a caterer’s perspective. I have been in the catering industry since age 5 and bring that to everything we do! We’ve walked in your shoes knowing exactly what it takes to pull off a flawless event. It starts with the detailed planning and organization.  

We use a unique framework called the ‘TPP Growth Model’ that brings Sales, Operations, and Costing together in a unique way to help you continue to grow!

Change is scary and that’s why we’ve developed an industry beloved Client Care team 100% dedicated to your success. Check out some of their reviews online.

So as a QUICK recap:

  • Let’s take everything to the cloud!
  • Build templates and packages!
  • Make those Lists!
  • Consider an all-inclusive catering software to manage it all!

If your interested in learning more tips and tricks to streamline your catering business, click here to get them now!