5 Ways to put 6 to 8 hours back in your catering work week through automation!

Hey Catering Business owners! My name is John Cohen – Founder of Total Party Planner but more commonly known as TPP. 

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with more work and less time in the catering work week? Today I want to share 5 quick ideas with you to put 6 to 8 hours a week back into your day!

Think about ALL the things you could do with that time!

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So here we go… 5 tips to put 6 to 8 hours back in your week!

  • Number 1! Get it out of your head! If your capacity is limited because you are the only one who knows a process, or a menu offering, or client notes etc… get that knowledge into a system for other people to see and use. Those systems can then be used to train current and future employees with ease. 
  • Number 2! I call them plug and play Proposals! You can’t start from scratch every time in a Word Document. You need to have templates where you or your sales team can just select items and services from pre-filled lists and those items are automatically formatted perfectly. The pre-filled lists are entered once and you use them over and over in a tenth of the typing time! 
  • Number 3! The Proposals need to automatically create the kitchen sheets. How many hours are you spending translating the exact same information from the Proposal to  prep sheets used by the kitchen? Or worse – forcing the kitchen to read through all the bling of a Proposal designed to impress a client. A system can help with this flow.
  • Number 4! Your process should automatically create your shopping list for the week. When you have your recipes built for menu items, and then assign those items to an event you can automate the generation of ingredient lists. And BONUS! It’s also going to save a lot of money on waste by not over-ordering. For one of our TPP clients the time savings on this feature alone was a full day a week.
  • Number 5! Have easy access to historical data to quickly replicate! How many times did you do an event in the past where you’d like to copy some or all of the details? What if you could do that with the ease of clicking a button? 

My Father used to spend HOURS hand-writing event orders and Proposals for the team then handwriting an invoice with the same information. That was the inspiration behind building TPP. I wanted him to spend less time on the book work on Mondays and Tuesdays and more time with my Brother and I!  

When you have a Framework that self-fuels all of the functions of catering simply by creating a Proposal, you’ll start to see that explosion of time savings.

We talked to a current client of TPP that estimated they were 200% faster in their Proposal process by using an automated system! This isn’t uncommon to hear at all.

So as a recap! Here are the 5 things to put 6 to 8 hours back in your week!

  • Transfer the knowledge that only YOU have! Get people trained!
  • Selection lists of sales items and pre-defined templates to create Proposals 
  • Automate the creation of kitchen sheets directly from the Proposal.
  • The Proposals for the week should automatically generate the shopping list for the week!
  • Leverage historical data to build new events

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon with more catering tips and advice.