September Podcast With SB Value Discussing Catering Food Cost Savings

Hey Catering Business Owners!

In this September podcast our Founder John Cohen talks to Clint Elkins from SB Value.

Clint shares with TPP how SB Value is saving catering companies an average of 16% on their inventory food costs through group purchasing.

Podcast Highlights:

00:15 : Introduction

01:00 : Opportunities

03:00 : Catersource 2021 Vibe

05:00 : How does SB Value Work?

06:40 : Case Studies

07:30 : Cost Savings

09:40 : How to Get Started

10:45 : Zero Risk Benefit

12:20 : The SB Value Story

14:00 : Celebrity Sighting!

If you want to save real money to reinvest back into your catering company then this podcast is for you!

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