3 Game Changing Tips: Catering Success Tips

Level Up Your Payment Process!

In a world where everything is fast based, moving quickly, and keeping up is difficult, efficiency is key. With TPP Pay, you can now integrate a payment solution within our software. Let’s break it down from a client’s perspective.

  1. Client fills out a TPP Web to Lead for on your website and automatically gets places in your TPP Sales CRM pipeline
  2. You or your sales team push the client from interested to confirmed and start planning out details of the event
  3. The client gets an invoice WITH A PAYMENT LINK and you get paid right then and there. PLUS, your team has the option to add gratuity options to invoices so your staff gets the gratitude they deserve for putting on a fabulous event. 

There is simply NO manual process. Yes, you can customize everything however you want! But we even have data entry specialists (in house, and 100% real humans) who will input everything for you. 

The other magnificent benefit of TPP Pay is the great rates! TPP Pay offers a hard to beat rack rate and if that’s not good enough we get you a CUSTOM rate when you send in statements. 

Don’t even get us started on the financial reporting and dashboard. You can track every penny with ease and again, it’s all in one place. Let me put it this way, you have one log in… for everything you need to run your business. 

Empower your team and yourself but make everyone’s life easier (and frankly more enjoyable). Schedule automated payments, view very specific financial data, use the Client Portal to wow clients with a pretty interface… just make it happen!