In The Catering Kitchen with Roy-El Catering

This month, we asked Marty Nungesser of Roy-El Catering for some insight on how he and his family have successfully run their Belleville, IL business for the last 25 years. Read on for great info and tips!

Tell us about your business.

We are an all-inclusive family catering business. We provide catering services for any event from weddings, picnics, birthday parties to large corporate events.

What brought you to begin using Total Party Planner?

We were looking for a new way to do our ordering, planning, and tracking of events for more efficient office time and accurate data reports.

What is your favorite program feature in Total Party Planner?

Being able to store client information, run queries and have presentation of detailed menu descriptions.

How has Total Party Planner helped your business?

We were able to streamline our entire process because of the accessibility from numerous locations (since we are out of the office at different times of the day).

How did you get started catering?

My parents started the business 25 years ago by doing backyard BBQ’s and small personal events. We have grown to one of the largest catering companies in the metro east.

What sets your company apart from others in your area? 

We are large enough to handle larger events that others may not be able to handle but the client still receives the personal attention they deserve. TPP helps us do this but keeping notes and client request. TPP will even remind us when our client is celebrating a birthday so we can drop them an email.

What advice would you give a new caterer?

Be organized and professional, with attention to detail at all times.

What was your biggest blunder throughout your career? What did you learn from it?

Blunders happen, learn from them! Don’t blame someone else and take responsibility if it is your fault. Walk away from the situation with a plan on how to correct the issue so it never happens again.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as a caterer?

A successful 25 years of service in the industry and able to utilize the up-to-date available technology and resources. This year alone we will serve over 36,000 meals in the month of June alone. With the help of Total Party Planner’s Catering Software,  we are able do this and make it look easy!