Benefits of Our Catering Software

The Software that Returns on Your Investment

Effective and valuable software implementation begins with understanding your company’s needs – then crafting a plan that helps you find the greatest success with the program.  After all, you only benefit from it when you’re using it! That’s why we back up our comprehensive, beneficial, and feature-rich online catering software with the industry’s best Client Care team to help you every step of the way.



Our catering management software proves to be a robust solution for all your team’s needs. From elegant proposals and invoices to the creation of operational reports (such as kitchen production and event worksheets), Total Party Planner delivers full-service solutions for everyone in your company.

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Additional Services

Although Total Party Planner offers a full-service solution, sometimes there are extras that make your life that much easier. Services such as credit card processing, automating leads, capturing signatures, and custom reports are those nice-to-haves that make life incredibly easy.

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Client Care

To say our Client Care team is unique to the catering industry would be an understatement. Our initial goals are: learning about who you are, assessing your immediate needs, and building a roadmap to meet your long term expectations. Once we get to know each other a bit, we begin your success sessions. These are personalized training calls based on what you and your team need to find success.  Our Client Care team call center is also open 5 days a week/10 hours a day, so you can get real-time help from a live person outside of your success sessions – right when you need it!

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Total Party Planner has built its reputation on being on the cutting edge (like being the first catering management software to create a mobile app) – and we plan to stay that way! Core functionality updates are always built into your subscription. All clients participate in our annual review program, which allows your team to become more familiar with the latest benefits of our software for catering business. If we discover any way to improve your user experience and make your life even easier, we will make recommendations in the review. This ensures that you are continuously getting the most from your investment.


With simplicity of use at an extremely affordable price – it is easy to join the thousands of satisfied people who use Total Party Planner.

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