Catering Staffing Tips

Hey Catering Business owners! John Cohen here – Founder of TPP.!

So… we hear all of the time from our clients that staffing can be such a challenge – from planning to hiring. I want to share 5 quick ideas with you right now to help with catering staffing.

I also invite you to click this link to download a staff-ratio calculator to determine quantities of staffing for all your event service styles.

  1. The correct number of staff is the most critical component to the success of any event. Think about how many times in your own experiences that a staff shortage ruined your experience. 
  2. Invest in high-quality standard uniforms. I personally love seeing this at an Event because it shows the caterer pays attention to detail and is willing to go the extra mile. It’s also just super classy!
  3. Post COVID people have different expectations of sanitation. We’ve talked to many caterers who are hiring a sanitation Stewart per event. Their whole job is to make sure people feel that everything is clean, safe, and sanitary from start to finish.
  4. Be sure all staff are trained properly and everybody does things the same way. Periodically review the basics – even with experienced staff. Does everybody know the proper place settings for a table? You might be surprised!
  5. Reward people for doing a great job – especially in today’s environment where it’s harder to find good quality staff. Bonuses and rewards are always appreciated and give more incentive to be great.

Back in my catering days as a young boy in Buffalo NY, my parents always made sure we gave the best service possible with just the right staff. It was like a big family and we made some special bonds. These were truly the people responsible for many new leads and referrals.

What to throw in some technology to help automate staffing? TPP catering software has a staffing hiring manager to help organize staff without all of the hassle of spreadsheets! 

So as a recap, 5 things to think about for event staffing:

  • The right number of staff is just as important as the food and beverage.
  • Invest in high quality matching uniforms
  • Hire a designated person to manage sanitation for the staff and guests.
  • Provide training for new staff and continuous training for experienced.
  • Create a reward or bonus program.

If you want to download our guide to help determine your staff requirements for bar service, buffets, cocktail reception, and plated service events click this link to get your FREE staff ratio calculator today!