Are You Ready For Wedding Season?

According to www.theweddingreport.com, weddings are a $60 billion a year industry. Are you ready to get your fair share of it? The average wedding rings up at about $26,500 and the reception/food typically accounts for about one-third of that. This means catering weddings is big business. Check out more industry statistics to see what brides spend.

Have you updated your menu to include the latest in wedding fare? Check out these great ideas for trendy menu options to offer brides.

Some brides just really want that special dish that can only be served from their favorite food truck. Did I say food truck? Yes! Some brides are doing it, so be prepared if the brides says she is considering it.

But sticking to the basics and remembering why you got into this business to begin with is always a helpful way to keep things in perspective when it starts to get crazy. This article talks about the basics and may be a good reminder of things to consider.

If you offer catering for smaller events, don’t forget to remind the bride that you can also handle events like the bridesmaids luncheon, rehearsal dinners and post wedding parties. It’s even a good reminder to place at the bottom of your proposal! Best of luck this wedding season!

Updated for content on 5/5/2017.