3 Easy Ways to Increase Business Value with Snapchat

We now live in a world ruled by social media and as businesses we’re constantly trying to keep up with the latest trend and new social apps to connect with our audience. Today, we’ll tell you how to use Snapchat, the newest social app adopted into the business world, to touch base with your target audience.

Snapchat for Caterers


Quick Overview

Snapchat is that little yellow icon with a ghost on it you may have seen floating around. This app allows you to send short videos or photos that can be viewed by your followers from 1 second to 10 seconds. You can post to your story, what would be the Snapchat version of your newsfeed, for 24-hours or you can send your snaps privately to specific people/followers in the 1 second to 10 second intervals. Okay, are you ready to use Snapchat to connect with your audience?

First thing’s first, leverage your existing followers on other social platforms to kick start your Snapchat following. Post on your other platforms your new Snapchat name and let your followers know what kind of content they can expect to find. For example: “Hey! Did you know we’re on Snapchat?! Follow us to catch tips on planning events and behind the scenes clips of our team!”


1. Exclusive Offers

This brings us to the first way to use Snapchat. Offer an exclusive to your followers through Snapchat; this might be coupon codes or exclusive content they can’t see anywhere else. People love to feel like they’re “in the know.” Offering exclusive content or special deals will keep users coming back to your account. Snapchat has a feature within the app to help you set up coupon codes. You can see how these four brands used this type of content to draw their followers in and keep them snapping over and over. One of the best perks of using Snapchat is sharing online coupon codes. It automatically disappears within 24-hours, so there’s no website pop-up to manage or code to deactivate.


2. Sneak Peeks

If you recall hearing about Snapchat a few years ago you know their early adopters were teenagers and freshman college students. With Snapchat existing for a few years now their new-user base has transformed to be 25 years of age and older. This means if you’re a wedding focused catering company you’ll be reaching the perfect target audience on Snapchat. Use Snapchat to show off your delectable creations live from an event or from the kitchen. Giving people a visual taste of what they can actually eat at their weddings is more powerful than a written description. Bonus! Since the content is short-lived people often take screenshots of snaps they like. You can see how many times an item was screenshot, giving you instant feedback on appeal.


3. Takeovers

Our third top way to use Snapchat in business: account takeovers. One great reason takeovers are so popular is because they give your audience an authentic look at your business. It may seem hard to hand control of your platform over to someone else for the day, but the payoff could be great. You might be asking yourself, “Who would take over my account? I’m not a big brand with a celebrity following.” That’s okay! Pick a client you trust and have them do a walk-through of the tasting and behind the scenes of the event you’re catering. If you have a local celebrity, like a TV personality or popular blogger, see if you can partner with them for the day to do a tasty takeover as well.

New platforms can be intimidating to start using but the best thing about Snapchat is it doesn’t last. While a photo can live on Instagram or Facebook for hours or even days before you catch a mistake, a snap last a few seconds. So experiment, get comfortable, and start snapping.