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Catering Do’s and Don’ts to Get More Bookings

Did you know many of us here at Total Party Planner have worked in the catering industry? Yep, our team knows where you’re coming from because we’ve been there! We also have a number of employees who have been on the other side of the prep counter, hiring caterers for their weddings or events. I …

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2018 Wedding Trends Every Caterer Needs to Know

From the decor to the drinks, we’re seeing the unique touches that take weddings from “standard” celebrations and turn them into a personalized experience. Every year Pinterest reports on the trends with the highest search volume. These are the biggest food and drink trends caterers need to know for 2018! A Bigger Bash How often …

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Booking Brides & Grooms

Show of hands, who saw at least one engagement on Facebook or Instagram over the holidays? It was probably a little closer to five, but who’s counting? Now that we are through the most popular engagement season of the year you can expect to hear from many brides & grooms to be. Many will start …

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Are You Ready For Wedding Season?

According to www.weddingindustrystatistics.com, weddings are a $60 billion a year industry. Are you ready to get your fair share of it? The average wedding rings up at about $26,500 and the reception/food typically accounts for about one-third of that. This means catering weddings is big business.

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