Sysco Central PA adds Total Party Planner to iCARES Program

Sysco Central Pennsylvania has officially added Total Party Planner to their iCARE’s program!

On March 13th, the TPP sales team traveled to Harrisburg, PA to demonstrate Total Party Planner to the great team of Sysco Marketing Associates.  During the presentation, we focused mainly on the programs strength and flexibility in food costing and menu analysis.

On March 31st, the team travels back to Harrisburg as an iCARES vendor at the annual food show.  It will be at this show that the Sysco clients themselves will learn about both our desktop AND web-based applications. The MA’s noted how exciting it will be to bring their accounts over to show them the value, and time savings, that TPP will bring to their catering and banquet management businesses.

Total Party Planner is proud to expand our presence within the iCARE’s program.

To note : iCARE is a collection of value-added resources offered exclusively bySysco to it’s customers.  The philosophy of SYSCO’s program is about providing their customers with tools and services that will ensure the success of their operations.