Tools for Starting & Growing Your Catering Company

Affordable catering software gives you a professional edge

Small catering companies start with a passion that can fade into a struggle for profitability.

While you split your time between marketing, food costing and customer relations, larger companies are scooping up your clients. They have the resources to outpace you.

Our online tools give you the big-budget advantages… but at a cost-effective price tag for a small catering company budget.

  • Streamline & organize
  • Build a professional image
  • Generate proposals faster than ever

Streamline operations. Become profitable

Let TPP handle the logistics

Total Party Planner is like a personal assistant to keep track of everything for you. You can even use the companion mobile app on the go.

Make a bigger splash

Use our customer relations tool and proposal templates to attract higher-paying clients.

Grow your catering business

Transform your passion into a profitable, professional operation. Total Party Planner tracks your to-do lists, pack lists and reports so you can focus on doing more than you thought possible.

We started with Mom-and-Pop catering

John Cohen, TPP founder, grew up helping out the family catering business in Buffalo, New York. John saw all the preparation that went into making an event absolutely perfect. John decided to blend his education with his catering background to create a simple software program that would help his parents manage their events. This event planning software grew to include more features as the needs of his parents’ business changed. Today, the catering program continues to benefit from the ideas of our ever-growing client base.

Our features were inspired by helping cater-prenuers like yourself

Community-inspired innovation

On-The-Fly Accessibility

Access your events anytime and anywhere.


Use our CRM to grow your customer relationships.


Get a bird's eye view and a nitty gritty look at the details that keep operations running smoothly.


You make unforgettable events for your customers. Your calendar reminds you of what's ahead.


Let TPP take the hard work out of streamlining your operations and prioritizing your tasks.


Accurate food costing controls your catering business's profitability. TPP can handle that too!